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Nixem Runway
This alternative art of using the human canvas is indeed spellbound!

I conceptualise how the art is positioned to suit the needs of an individual or achieving corporate objectives.

Somehow, unlike 'conventional' painting, body-paint lo and behold is a quick metamorphosis of an idea and translates onto a human canvas and voila, the creation is realised in matter of hours.. while most form of painting takes days, weeks, months and even years.

In short, gratification of beauty to be appreciated and immortalised on camera that will send both the audience and media into a frenzy.

It is simply NOT a quick fix though.

It takes talent, skill and dexterity to realise the imagery.

It is a team effort. Be it from the artist or the model. As much the artist is occupied on his creative juice, credit must go to the model for the patience, concentration, dedication and most of the time... standing for hours for the work to be realised.

Body-painting is not a mere interpretation of creative idea. The model is the conduit where he morphs and deliver the creativity realised by the artist. Only talent with body & movement will able to convey not a mere stoic model.
Its has been an exhilirating journey of over a decades coming from this small RED DOT calls Singapore in discovering body-painting.

Any body-painters coming from this earth are constrained by suppliers not forgetting the cost of each of this make up... LOL.. thank GOD for internet... the only thing that kills you is the transportation.. sigh...LOL..

Hoping to get like minded people to transform this tiny RED DOT into a body-painting haven... forget about us not being recognised by many institutions as we are labelled as being different... sigh... so much about arts being focus here and body-painting is taking a back seat.. sucks!

But thanks to all the shutter bugs and media who are slaves to people like us.. no pun intended.. well if it's.. who cares...we are taking flights.. and realise our creativity is here to stay.. so let's live and deal with it...

But i must say.. the most gratitude that i must bestowed must be from all the models who have undergone through much 'sufferings' for so called arts.. the agony of withstanding to either sweltering humid in this RED DOT or locking them up in an arid airconditioning room... the only thing that saves the day is the hot caffeine and loves.. yes..

Love for what has been my passion since the very day i discovered body-painting...

Nothing else matters when the look on the face of the clients when both me as the artist and the models conveyed the objectives... all i could say.. THANK YOU!...

I have seen these models grow .. from just a mere talent to accomplishing great journey in life... some have kids and sometimes.. we do stumble upon each other and reminisced those moments together... the adventure that we both cherish and treasure.

As an artist.. my job is not done... the passion drives me to discover more challenging avenue and the search only begins... with great new talents and models 'sacrifice' their body for a meagre sum to be the human canvas for the sake of art.

Do give a smile to these body-painted talents if you ever come across in your path... kudos to them and because of them.. we able to enjoy this exhilirating experience that is the talk of the town...

If you ever have a chance... wave, smile and take a good shot for an unforgetable memento.. and share this moment to the rest of the world.

I thank you all my models to be the champion of this journey.

With lotsa love & kisses,


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